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Internship Programme United Nations di Jakarta


The United Nations Information Centre in Jakarta (UNIC-Jakarta) has always been the source of information for university students majoring in International Relations and International Law. For many years the we have conducted an internship programme for university students wishing to learn more about the United Nations and how the UN works, not just the United Nations in Indonesia but also about the United Nations around the world.


UNIC-Jakarta has received many students from various universities from the northern part of Sumatra to the southest part of Papua and not to mention students from abroad. Students taking part in the internship programme will be given the chance to experience how to work with people from different backgrounds, culture, religion and many more.


Over the years, we have expanded our internship programmes not just for international relations or international law students only. Now, the Centre also focus to university students with background ranging from mass communication, computer science, literature to secretarial.



1. Intern selection is highly competitive. We only accommodate 6 internship per group,

2. Students wishing to join the programme must fill in a FORM(attach a color photo – 4X6) which than submitted to the Centre via mail,

3. Submit a letter and a transcript of your grade, legalized by the faculty,

4. Capable of writing and speaking English (this includes translating from English to Indonesian and vice versa),

5. Familiar with other software (dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator) will be an advantage,

7. Familiar with DSLR will be an advantage,

8. If all the requirements are complete, please send it by mail (please use BROWN ENVELOPE. ON THE TOP LEFT CORNER, PLEASE MARK “INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME”

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